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According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Copenhagen, divorce could have significant damage to one’s mental health immediately after the split. This is the case more so when one gets involved in a nastier divorce.

Immediate divorce more devastating on individuals

The study measured the impact of divorce on the well-being of an individual immediately after a split. It is the first study of its kind showing the relationship between divorce and mental health. According to the study higher conflict levels can results in poor mental health irrespective of the involvement of other factors. Past studies have highlighted the negative impacts of a messy divorce but the researcher by University of Copenhagen researchers studied the immediate health effects of a divorce.

Results indicated that the physical and mental health of individuals that divorced recently was worse compared to other people. Equally higher conflict levels resulted in worse mental outcomes despite the involvement of other factors. Researchers established that having insight into the effects can help medics in developing interventions to help divorcees avoid long-term effects and get on their feet.

Divorce is a protracted process that can result in psychological wounds. Gert Hald, study co-author said that past studies focused on the effects of divorce without considering the long separation periods before one applies for divorce. Hald said that they managed to study divorcees that had immediately divorced in Denmark with most divorcing within five days.

Divorce impacts physical and mental health

The team obtained data from 1,856 most recent divorcees who filled questionnaires about their health, background, and divorce. Interestingly the study revealed that recent divorcees experienced significant physical and mental stress. Co-author Dr. Soren Sander indicated that the physical and mental health of recent divorcees was worse compared to other people.

Most importantly, individuals such as younger men and earning more showed better physical health. Equally having a new partner, more previous divorces, and earning more money resulted in better mental health after divorce. Moreover, the conflict has a big influence on divorcees and higher conflict levels were associated with worse mental health.