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The United States is one of the countries known to have quite a significant number of obese cases around the globe. A perturbing discovery linking obesity to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is disturbing. The new studies show one of the most important predictors of the deadly flue being obesity.

Persons struggling with obesity are known to face several medical complications and that is something that hasn’t been so alarming. However, no one anticipated that the condition could be highlighted as one of the major risk factors of the coronavirus. The studies show young adults as being the ones at the highest risk of obesity.

The current research is at the preliminary stage as opposed to the misconception among many outlining that it is a peer-reviewed one. Doctors have given out a statement outlining that persons struggling with obesity were battered harder by COVID-19.

A large number of obese patients are said to initially struggle with compromised respiration before the infection strikes. Abdominal obesity is known to be more common among men than women according to reports. This form of obesity usually results in the compression of the lungs, diaphragm, and chest capacity.

Experts outline that obesity usually causes some low-grade inflammation that is quite chronic and it also boosts the circulation of the pro-inflammatory cytokines. Such an enhanced circulation is said to cause the worst COVID-19 outcomes according to reports.

The US is massively affected by obesity from the records indicating that almost 80 million people persons suffer from obesity. As compared to the figures in other countries, this is quite a large number and by far. This figure is by far much larger than that one of other countries affected by corona. These include Italy and China.

The body mass index is the standard measure that defines obesity. Its basis is a formula that takes the account of a person’s weight in kilograms and then divides the figure with the height of a given person expressed in meters. The African-Americans are said to be dying in large numbers in the US, something closely linked to the many obese cases among the group.