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There has been discussion regarding Christmas and whether the salutation “Merry Christmas” is appropriate. Liberals have been against the solution, but when President Trump took office, he has made it popular again.

Debate on religious expressions in public schools

There have been questions regarding the correctness of Christmas in public schools, but President Trump has been defending the religious expression of students. There are several concerns about the legality of Christmas in public schools and what should be allowed when it comes to religious expressions. There are questions whether students can pray, listen to religious songs in school, or whether teachers are allowed to say “Merry Christmas” to students or even whether a Christmas tree is allowed in school.

All these are permitted in public schools despite the confusion and concerns that have been there. This began in 1962 when the Supreme Court ruled that school-sponsored prayer should be banned in public schools. According to some parents, school officials, and teachers, this was a way of barring religious expression in schools. However, schools can still do a lot when it comes to religious expression.

Students can hold religious functions in school

Although the schools cannot sponsor or initiate religious functions, students are free to hold prayer s or any religious activities provided they don’t force anyone to follow. Equally, religious groups can meet in public schools, and even religious music can be played during functions provided, the focus is not religious.

This equally applies to “Merry Christmas” where anyone can say it, and a Christmas tree can be brought to school because it is a secular object. Although this also applies to the Jewish menorah, the lighting of candles is nevertheless not acceptable because that will have religious significance. Similarly, religion can be offered as a subject and not as an effort to preach.

According to Teaching Tolerance, a Southern Poverty Law Center project, religious symbols can be used as a class as instructional aids but should not use it as a permanent display in class.

President Trump has been promoting Christmas, and he claimed in 2018 that he had won the war.