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Nurses believe both patients and doctors take them for granted. A recent survey indicates that nine in 10 American nurses feel unappreciated. The survey also sought to discover the different perspectives of the nurses concerning how the general public views them. A whopping 85% admits that it remains misunderstood all along.

Focus on statistics

The survey also shows that 47% are dissatisfied with the notion that their job is pretty straightforward. These nurses don’t share the same assessment and think the lousy attitude must end. The general public is pretty quick to draw a line between the services that the nurses render and those that other healthcare professionals render. They eventually dismiss the nurses as playing an insignificant role compared to the healthcare professionals.

The survey showcases the media as a soft landing for the nurses. The media has continually portrayed nurses positively, taking into account their great acts, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak. Most respondents say that the outbreak of the pandemic influenced matters in the media significantly.

Many nurses feel they don’t get the level of recognition they deserve. About 63% of them affirm that doctors and patients don’t even regard them as human.OnePoll undertook the survey on behalf of connectRN for National Nurses Week, and many interesting facts came into the limelight. For instance, many people believe that the general public has many misconceptions about the services they deliver in their workstations.

Lack of recognition

The survey shows discontented nurses who can’t bear the painful truth that they remain under-recognized. Most of them assert they play essential roles as front-line workers, yet the public doesn’t recognize such efforts.

The poll also indicates that 63% of the nurses are unhappy with how their employers recognize their efforts. Most of them consider the employers somewhat patronizing in showing their appreciation. The nurses say their jobs aren’t exciting walks in the park.

About 30% of the nurses say that they have to work long hours, giving emotional support to those needing it. The nurse-to-patient ratios also strain the nurses. Some have to make the difficult choice of having to choose between their job and time with children.