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Elon Musk shocked most people after showing his interest in acquiring Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR). The transaction isn’t yet over, but the speculations indicate the company’s direction. Four out of five Twitter-using Americans seem to welcome Elon at the helm of the company’s operations. Moreover, a recent survey indicates the high hopes that the expected boss might revive it.

Elon’s reception

Shortly before Twitter’s Board of Directors gave the nod to Elon’s offer, efforts to conduct the poll involving 2,000 U.S. residents started. He said he was willing to pay $44 billion to take full ownership, and they accepted the offer.

New moves usually face some level of opposition, and the same applies to the news about the sale of the social media company. Reports indicate a massive de-activation of accounts following the move, but it seems things might get better in the future. The survey shows that 79% of users are somewhat optimistic about the company’s future.

The respondents say that putting the company in the leadership of the world’s wealthiest people could change things for the better. Users want to enjoy extraordinary experiences on the platform, and most believe Elon’s entry could be transformative. About 76% of the users said they are pleased with the entry of Elon and that it will cause them to log into the accounts more frequently than ever before.

OnePoll’s statistics

OnePoll survey on April 27, and the data tells a lot. About three in four respondents confess they have been logging into Twitter frequently over the past three months. But, again, the statistics look better than those of TikTok. The figure for the newest platform on social media stands at 58%.

Most Twitter users log into the platform to get updates on current events and news. The poll shows that 67% of the respondents are great fans of Elon and exude great confidence in him and his leadership. The men who declare themselves fans of Elon beat the number of women, and the figures stand at 73% vs. 63%.

The surprising aspect of the poll is that 63% criticize the idea of Elon buying the platform. They give different reasons ranging from his inexperience in management to Elon’s inclinations that sometimes conflict with company goals.