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2017 was quite a tumultuous year for Cryptocurrency and its investors. With the prices touching a sky high level, people were getting quite troubled about investing their money in the field. Since then, the tension in Cryptocurrency has settled a bit even though the commotion in blockchain is still something to look out for.

As an investor, judging by the articles and news about Cryptocurrency in the past months, you might have taken a step back. However, when it comes to economy and the market, what really matters is a real time idea of the scenario of the market. We will try to give you some reasons which will let you be optimistic about Cryptocurrency in 2019. Here they are:

1. Balance in the market

What happened by the end of 2017 was that the field of Cryptocurrency received a lot of attention from the masses and therefore, received more investors. However, not all of these investors have a sound knowledge of the field and hoped to get rich in the course of a night. This of course, was a failed plan and resulted in a mass criticism of Cryptocurrency. Gradually, now the field is doing away with such people who do not have any real interest in the field which has led to a position of stability for Cryptocurrency.

2. Mining reward
Mining rewards in Bitcoin are estimated to be divided into two by the year 2020. This will set a perimeter for the introduction of new Bitcoins in the market and therefore, will prevent any sort of rise in the prices. Although this is not set in stone, it has a good possibility for the investors. In case of this halving, the prices of Cryptocurrency will not rise until the final quarter of 2020.

3. New investors are entering

Whenever there is a discussion about more people using Cryptocurrency, it means that new investors are entering the field. Bakkt is one such prospect which has the backing of Intercontinental Exchange. Microsoft and Starbucks also form partnerships with Bakkt, so, you can guess how big the platform is. Earlier, it was decided that Bakkt will initiate its investments in Cryptocurrency in the year 2018 but a lot of postponements have led the date to be extended to 2019.

While on the one hand, small companies might sell of their assets in the market when the price goes down, the big investors buy them at low prices. So, when the prices rises, the big investors reap large profits and they have a good system of risk management. So, big investors are getting involved with Cryptocurrency.

Like Bakkt, many other companies have come forward to invest in Cryptocurrency, like Goldman Sachs. You can expect quite some excitement in Cryptocurrency in 2019. This year might actually be a great head start for people who want to make it huge in the field. The market might be quite stabilized this year and will give you enough opportunities to lean and earn.