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This week the Trump is planning to revoke California’s authority to set stricter air pollution standards for cars. The administration asserts that only the federal government has the mandate to control green gas emissions as well as fuel economy.

Trump determined to undermine Obama-era policies

This is the latest step that the Trump administration is taking in their campaign to discredit the Obama-era policies aimed at combating climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This move could set in motion a huge legal battle between the federal government and the state of California. It could potentially put carmakers in a protracted period of uncertainty which will create turmoil in the auto industry in the US.

The Environment Protection Agency has not weighed in on the matter. But EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler told the National Automobile Dealers Association stated that they acknowledge the role of states and federalism.  He, however, indicated that it doesn’t mean they should allow a single state to order standards for the whole nation. Free market and conservative groups have been requested to show up in an official announcement of the rollback on Wednesday.

The state of California to fight roll over in court

The move comes days after the Department of Justice opened an antitrust probe into a deal between four automakers and the State of California. The deal seeks tougher pollution and associated mileage requirements relative to those preferred by President Trump.  Trump is also seeking to ease the Obama-era federal mileage standards across the country which will weaken efforts of combating climate changes.

Environment groups and top officials from California have vowed to seek legal action to halt the rollback. There are 13 states including the District of Columbia who has indicated that they will adopt the California standards should they deviate from the federal requirements.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said that the US has abandoned its responsibility to the world in fighting global warming and so California has steeped in. he added that if California were to roll over that will be a big setback a route the state is not ready to take.