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Twitter Co-founder, Ev Williams has referred to President Tramp as a “master” about what he has done with Twitter. In an interview with CNN business, Williams lauded the contribution of Trump on Twitter, saying that he was a master of the platform.

Effect of Trump’s tweets on electorate inconsequential

Tramp likes taking on his political opponents through twitter, and he has also been making false proclamations through the platform. However, Williams believes that despite the president’s tweets having potential negative effects on the political discourse of the country, they are nonetheless inconsequential relative to the effect it will have on mainstream media.

He added that most of the voters are not twitter and that is the basis of Trump’s tweets. The electorate gets influenced by mainstream media, and the damaging power of Fox New is more compared to the effect of Twitter.

Traditional media doing more harm but blaming tech companies

William’s sentiments are equally shared in Silicon Valley where there is a belief that mainstream media has concentrated so much on covering the disparaging impact of tech companies while not relooking the role they are playing in creating a polarized society. Williams said that the media outlets are not examining their role because it to lay blame on tech companies. However, media is a vast ecosystem, and some of the traditional media outlets have financially benefited from Trump than the tech companies.

The former Twitter CEO said that they should have put more resources and money to fight abuse on the platform, but he added that he didn’t think there could be any silver bullets. Williams said, for now, it is hard to tell if the president’s tweets are good for business. He added that the president’s tweets generate more attention to the site, although that might not necessarily translate to more users or money.