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On Friday, US President Donald Trump took offense with an Obama-era executive order that allowed protection of immigrants who came to the US as juniors. Trump said that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) order was illegal, and Obama didn’t have a right to sign it.

Obama didn’t have a right to sign DACA

Trump said that President Obama had no legal right to sign the document which he even indicated so at the time. In a tweet, Trump wondered how Obama could have the right to sign it, yet he didn’t have the right to ‘unsigned.’ He said that DACA was an illegal document that would give the president new powers.

Trump added that DACA is before the Supreme Court because Obama signed it knowing that he didn’t have the legal right to do so. If the Supreme Court does what it must do in line with the law, then there is a possibility of reaching a bipartisan deal.

Obama signed the DACA program in 2012 through an executive order, and it gave over 700,000 immigrants a two-year renewable amnesty from deportation. The immigrants that activists called dreamers also gained the ability to have a work permit.

DACA issue before the Supreme Court

In 2017 Trump announced plans to phase out the program following his 2016 campaign promise of repealing DACA. Several federal courts ruled against the move by indicating that the phase-out could not apply retroactively and advised for restarting of the program. White House objected the decisions by arguing that the president had wider authority regarding immigration enforcement policy.

Proponents of the DACA program argue that the planned termination of the program is a violation of federal law. They indicate that it requires sufficient notice and comment periods before reviewing it.

The case is in the Supreme Court, and arguments regarding the legality of the program will commence in October. A ruling will most likely come next year, which will reinvigorate the debate on the issue ahead of elections.