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The concept of Charter schools is no longer news to many people, even though it has been an ongoing debate. However, there have been varying opinions that describe the reality behind these institutions. Besides, they are not just for anyone given the culture that runs them. We are talking about modern facilities and personalized attention and very firm schooling models.

Charter schools are independent entities with a charter of self-written rules

The origin of Charter schools can be traced back to the 1950s and a time when the demand for deregulation was growing. A majority of the wealthy people wanted to define their rules and policies of bringing up their children. They would later come together to form unions that would empower teachers and communities. This was accomplished and would later translate into a notion that Charter schools tend to give students better options.

The notion is somewhat true if what happens in those schools is considered. Nonetheless, they all operate under a charter – a self – written set of tools, which define their rules of operation. They still receive funding from the federal government by organizing a school, which is not controlled by the local school authority. 

Are they any different from traditional public schools? 

Unlike in public schools, Charter schools do not conduct their financial affairs in public. They do not have the transparency anyone can find in public schools. Sadly they do not also offer any support to students needing special attention. On the other hand, many of them do not adhere to the rules regulating the qualifications for teaching staff, meaning they can hire people based on the bare minimum qualification. 

It is worth noting that every year, parents must sign an agreement to support the activities of shaping the school. The schools encourage parental involvement, including pledging with the parents to ensure they are voluntarily playing a significant role.

Meanwhile, there are many myths, which surround Charter schools, such as they are full of scandals and that they are stealing public funds. Student performance is not clear because, more often than not its ends up being similar to that in public schools.