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Students in the United States have so much anxiety about getting ranked into prestigious undergraduate schools. Even though most of them cannot afford the millions of dollars for tuition, they remain hopeful in their studies. They know too well that a high score will give them a college experience free of debts. 

The competition is steep. Both parents and students are desperate

The tutoring industry is growing the day, pushing competition to extreme levels. This has left hundreds of students and their parents desperate. They have to spend more and outside the usual learning. For example, they have to engage private professors who will offer extra ACT and SAT classes believed to help students prepare for exams.

Last year, records have it that parents parted with close to $1 billion to meet test preparation expenses. These included software platforms, classes, and extra tuition. The most affected were those undertaking elite MBA programs, which, when completed open doors to six-figure salary jobs. The applicants of the MBA programs spent a significant amount of dollars in exams from GMAT and GRE.

The two are among the leading firms which help students prepare for the exams. Nine traditional sessions of GMAT cost $1,699, while the online version was priced at $1,399.

Is it worth spending on test prep firms like GMAT and GRE?

Results from a survey carried out by PoetsandQuants.com confirmed that, to some extent, the expense is worth it. This is because there was a difference in the scores of the final results between those who used GMAT classes and those who used tutors alone. The former scored 93.7 points, slightly above the 90.2 points scored by the latter. Nonetheless, the students who use both the GMAT classes and the tutors scored higher than any of the other two.

Unfortunately, a majority of the student will afford this financial race, although they are still struggling with test-taking skills. On the other hand, those who can afford are either not being given enough time, or the courses they choose are not helpful in the long run. This means competition of getting into grand schools continue to be unfair.