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Like everybody else, physicians are human, and they experience terrible days. However, according to recent research, that can occasionally cause issues for their patients. For example, Australian physicians are more likely to be sued for negligence if they are overworked or unhappy, according to researchers at the University of Melbourne.

People in remote areas have a high chance of suing their doctors 

According to the study, people who’ve already recently experienced an illness or injury and those who live in more remote areas are more likely to use their doctors. What can shield physicians from a courtroom? According to the study authors, lawyers are far less likely to sue doctors who have particularly likable dispositions.

Dr. Bradfield’s research leader said, “This allowed us to analyze and correlate work, health, and personality factors with doctor’s risk of being sued. “

The findings are based on replies for more than 12,000 Australian physicians participating in the Medicine in Australia Balancing Employment and Life (MABEL) survey from 2013 through 2018. Each physician provided information on various topics, including their ages and sexes, their personalities, health, level of overall happiness, working circumstances, medical specialties, and any previous legal disputes regarding their practice.

Around 5% of physicians in the study have been sued before 

In total, little more than 5% of the physicians disclosed to researchers that they had previously been a respondent in a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice. Interestingly, more male physicians than female Doctors reported prior lawsuits.

We must make an effort to comprehend why certain doctors are accused of malpractice. Dr. Bradfield added that a doctor’s error could have disastrous results for people and be expensive for the healthcare system.

Patients who experience harm due to a medical mistake may file a lawsuit against the negligent physician to obtain compensation, an explanation, and guarantees that mistakes won’t be made again. Therefore, comprehending the reasons why the physician made an error and was sued could aid in reducing medical errors and raising the standard of healthcare.