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Two-thirds of Americans say they feel more uncomfortable in cars now than they did before the outbreak, indicating that the virus has generally exacerbated road phobia.

Around 50% of drivers worry about the behavior of other drivers. 

Over half of drivers said they worry about other drivers’ behavior “often” or “often” in a study of 2,000 individuals regarding how people are driving more carefully (53%). Six in ten (61%) believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused individuals to drive more recklessly, which may explain why a comparable number believe that driving safely is more crucial than ever (62%).

Similar to this, 60% of people even pay attention to the speedometer if someone else is operating the vehicle. Even the majority of couples confess they experience anxiety while their partner is operating a vehicle (63%).

Half of the participants admitted that they frequently wish the driver could slow down while they are passengers (52%). Another seven out of ten people make sure to ensure that everyone is wearing a seatbelt before the car moves.

The survey, which was done by OnePoll in collaboration with Cobra, a manufacturer of consumer and automotive electronics, revealed that the typical American had experienced three near-misses just in the last two years. The 53% of participants that want to travel more by road this summer than they did in 2019 seem unfazed by this, though.

Summertime most ideal for most drives to drive

In general, more drivers (31%) drive during the summertime than during any other time of year, and on both long and short road trips, 65 % admit to driving more quickly than usual.

Half of the participants frequently worry about potential traffic risks, including delays or collisions during these journeys. People also report driving more quickly when they’re behind schedule (38%) or when there are fewer vehicles on the road (36%), or when they’re pressed for time (34%).

Over a 1/3 of American motorists admitted they “just occasionally,” “rarely,” or “never” adhere to posted speed limits on roads and highways (35%).