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The novel coronavirus outbreak has infected over 115,000 people globally, with the number of confirmed deaths exceeding 4,200.  Countries across the globe have continued to struggle to contain the spread of the virus.

New coronavirus cases slow in China

China reported the first case of coronavirus infection, but according to reports, the number of new cases in the country has slowed. The number of new cases reported has been associated with people who are coming home from overseas, which underscores the challenges authorities have been facing as the virus continues to rage across various countries.

Outside China, in countries such as South Korea and Japan, the number of new cases has continued to rise, with Japan reporting around 54 new cases on Tuesday. According to the country’s Ministry of Health, this is the highest single-day increase that they have witnessed. On the other hand, in South Korea, authorities reported 242 new cases, which brought the total number of infections in the country to 7,755.

In South Korea, the infection rate has slowed over the past few days bringing optimism that the situation could stabilize. South Korea has been aggressive in testing for new cases, and so far, over 200,000 people have been tested for the virus. Despite these efforts, there is alarm over new cases reportedly connected to a call center in the capital and South Korea’s military.

Italy in total lockdown as cases grow

Also, western nations have been facing the same challenges in trying to combat the spread of the virus. In the US, the number of reported cases is around 1,000, and several states have declared emergencies.

Each of the European Union countries has reported at least a case of infections with Italy remaining the most hit. Italy is in lockdown as authorities struggle to manage the increasing number of cases. The country is closing all shops except pharmacies and food stores as the cases mount. Schools, nightclubs, restaurants, and museums have also been closed. There have been over 12,000 confirmed cases in Italy and 827 deaths.