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A lot of people thought it was a joke when the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson first spoke about his plan to introduce TraceMe. His target was to create an application in which fans would easily follow the celebrities of their choice. The player also wanted them to be able to access the behind-the-scenes content. This time around, the talk is about the business giant Nike move to purchase the application. Having such a company wanting to purchase your innovation is not a joke, and it implies he has been doing a great job.

TraceMe is not the only one that Nike has purchased. It has also purchased the sports prediction app known as Tally. In its statement, Nike reveals that it settled for TraceMe to supplement its content strategy on most of its platforms.

A close outlook into the recent developments

However, to this point, the company hasn’t yet drawn a clear line on exactly how it intends to utilize TraceMe and Tally. Reports indicate that the employees that worked for TraceMe have already started making arrangements to move to Nike Seattle. Also, the TraceMe CEO Jason LeeKeenan and several other employees have already made changes to their job titles on LinkedIn in anticipation for the new positions. LeeKeenan has listed his title as the lead at Nike’s Seattle office.

Projections into the future

An official working with Nike in a recent interview described the recent move by the company as a game-changing one. To him, this is the company’s first step towards the enhancement of its digital media presence. He adds that it is also a factor that could end up making the company reap much more in terms of the ad revenues. It seems Nike may just get a remarkable opportunity to direct adverts to a large number of sports fans around the globe.

Nike’s executive vice president and CFO Andy Campion has spoken about the significance of the company’s strategic investments. The official says these investments will eventually pay off and help the company even climb higher in business performance.