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Anti-inflammatory diets and lifestyles are frequently advised for those who struggle with infertility, but are they effective? Although the role of anti-inflammatory diets in infertility is far from clear, it might be beneficial. 

Inflammation affects the uterus, cervix, and placenta, impairing fertility 

Infertility is a common problem in the US, affecting one in five individuals. A comprehensive medical evaluation is necessary to spot major contributing issues. Chronic inflammation, which has a connection to most health conditions such as cancer, stroke, and heart disease, could also be linked to infertility. 

For instance, bodywide inflammation may affect the cervix, placenta, and uterus, impairing fertility. Also, infertility risk is greater in conditions characterized by inflammation, including polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. Women dealing with infertility that had In vitro fertilization and followed an anti-inflammatory diet seem to have high pregnancy success rates relative to those that didn’t follow a diet. 

Researchers discovered many years ago that women who followed a fertility diet were likely to ovulate frequently and become pregnant. An analysis of several works published in 2022’s Nutrients reveals that adopting an anti-inflammatory diet may help those having trouble getting pregnant. Even though the trials’ diets were created years apart, they have many things in common.

Anti-inflammatory diets can enhance pregnancy rates and sperm quality 

The 2022 study established that an anti-inflammatory diet might help improve pregnancy rates, enhance sperm quality in men, and boost success rates of reproductive measures like IVF. In addition, the study authors added that improving diet could minimize the need for lengthy, invasive, and expensive fertility procedures. However, the consistency of findings and quality of studies varied, and additional high-quality studies are needed to support the sentiment. 

Despite the fascinating nature of new studies, there is little proof that an anti-inflammation strategy can increase fertility. However, plant-based diets like the Mediterranean diet and other anti-inflammatory lifestyle choices have numerous advantages, including improving heart health. It is unclear whether this can directly impact reducing inflammation, but the approach is less risky compared to others.