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According to a new study, one in six parents will want their children to learn how to play the drums. The study surveyed 2,000 American parents to weigh the significance of music education. Around 1,200 were those that have played at least one musical instrument. 

Parents (82%) want their children to learn how to play a musical instrument 

Around 82% of all existing and prospective parents surveyed believe it’s crucial for their child to learn to play instruments, with the drums, piano and violin being the most popular choices (17%, 18%, and 16%, respectively). According to most parents, the electric guitar is the most popular instrument that children truly desire to learn (22 percent).

Additionally, modern parents said that only 39% of their kids had enrolled in a music program or school band, despite the fact that 47% of their kids are currently taking lessons.

According to a poll by OnePoll for Guitar Center, barely a quarter of Americans (24%) could play a musical instrument, despite the fact that 17% have resumed playing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 13% are curious to learn the piano.

Of the respondents with prior musical expertise, 37% don’t play any instruments anymore. While choirs (26 percent), basement bands (24 percent), and performance bands (24 percent) are the most popular among those, who have participated in a group, just 39% of the participants with music training say they have never done so.

Around 25% of Americans want music to be taught in classrooms 

It’s interesting to note that one in four participants who’ve never played an instrument acknowledge that they are unsure of their reasons for doing so. Additionally, 26% of respondents say that music education must be promoted in classrooms, whereas another 29% feel that it ought to be mandated or given higher priority.

Today’s children seem much more open to the concept of learning music than their older counterparts. Only 9% of the parents surveyed said their children have still not shown any enthusiasm. However, based on anecdotal evidence, kids don’t always require that early spark to enjoy the advantages of music education.