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Some states significantly outperform others in preventing and lowering smoking regarding tobacco control.

According to a recent American Lung Association (ALA) analysis, effective tobacco control strategies are being implemented most successfully in Maine, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and California. However, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas are the states with the greatest need for policymaking.

Different policies implemented for tobacco control

States have a wide range of different policies. Smoking is still permitted in several workplaces, including restaurants and bars. Others have long had smoke-free regulations in effect.

American Lung Association CEO and president Harold Wimmer said that the policies examined in the report directly affect the health of people living in that state. Since no state scored an “A,” every state has room for improvement in public health and tobacco control laws. This is another reason why national tobacco control legislation is crucial. Every American deserves the same safeguards.

The strength of each state’s legislation prohibiting smoking in public places, banning the sale of all sweetened tobacco products, supporting state programs to discourage tobacco use, the amount of state taxes on cigarettes, and the availability of cessation services are all evaluated in the report.

The federal government banned flavoured electronic cigarettes 

The results were mixed, with 45 states getting F marks for banning the sale of any scented electronic cigarettes, while 23 states and Washington, D.C. received A grades for the effectiveness of their smoke-free place of work laws. While 32 states received an F for the amount of state taxes on cigarettes, Washington, D.C., and 40 other states received an F for spending on tobacco prevention. Additionally, 24 states received a D or lower for access and coverage to treatments that can help smokers quit.

The national government’s grades increased from a D to a C as a result of its initiatives to stop juvenile cigarette usage. In addition, the government proposed rules to end flavoured and menthol cigarette sales with a law requiring the FDA to regulate tobacco products from synthetic nicotine.