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As senior residents hit 60 years and older, they require dedicated or tailored social and health care services. This means that they need to be within a community that can support them. Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities – NORC – are some of the facilities offering the well – deserved care to seniors.

They may not be very common in the United States, but they are growing. The housing option may not necessarily have been set apart for the senior community. They may have lived there even before they got to their retirement age and perhaps found other seniors already living there.

How do Sizable elderly populations such as NORCs assist the seniors with healthy aging?

Housing options for seniors have become so many such that sometimes it’s hard to pick on the best choice. However, they all provide key and essential services such as socialization, health care management, education programs, recreational, and prevention programs.

Additional benefits include: – 

Taking away the aging stigma: – Taking away a senior citizen from a community where they have built their roots can be a daunting experience for them. This can take health on them. However, NORC ensures that retirees do not depart from a community they have known for years. Instead of taking them away to give them services, NORC brings the services to them.

Low cost: – NORCs are not as expensive as many other housing selections. They offer an economical way of surviving and with high satisfaction. Programs put in place are of low payments.

Community building: – When formalized into a management company, NORCs receive substantial support from the government. In most cases, more senior citizens can offer advisory services to other communities. This keeps everyone active and connected.

Do NORCs have drawbacks?

Yes, they do. Considering that they are attending an aging community, some of them are not clean. They lack adequate amenities such as transportation and are overpopulated and do not have a relationship with the respective authorities.

Access to medical attention could be a challenge, especially if the facility does not offer health services. Remember aging people are very vulnerable; hence missing immediate medical attention when required could be tragic.