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Raising a child to become a mature and healthy human isn’t easy. Mothers hug and cuddle their children, but the most crucial part is ensuring they enjoy a great sense of satisfaction. Campbell’s Well Yes! Sipping Soups commissioned a study to determine mothers’ efforts to raise their children.

Mothers commit many hours

The research focused on 2,000 mothers involved in bringing up school-aged children. It discovered that mothers commit about 100 hours a week to parenting tasks. It is difficult because they sacrifice “me time” and sleep. They undertake more than 15 different tasks in raising children.

At times, the mothers inevitably seek ways to carve the extra time to accomplish the enormous task. About 53% say they had to sacrifice sleep, and 47% forego hobbies and date nights. Mothers prioritize their children’s needs above theirs, including nutrition.

Nutrition is essential for everyone, but the study indicates that the mothers deny themselves to ensure the well-being of their children. It is surprising how mothers ignore their needs and yet ensure children eat healthy foods at all times. Statistics show that mothers take a  balanced diet only 39% of the time. It is a significant discrepancy considering the 52% of children.

Mothers would earn handsomely

Researchers considered everything mothers do to raise kids, and it was surprising the amount mothers would receive as payment for raising children. Mothers would receive $100,460 annually, which shows their work’s value.

The survey brought about many things to light. For example, an average mother is always left with less than an hour to concentrate on her interests. The selflessness of mothers is unmatched. It is not easy to steal hours from the shuteye to cater to their children’s needs. It involves staying up late or waking up early in the morning. There are instances when it is both, and that indicates excellent commitment.

Mothers sacrifice tremendously from the time they commit to raising children, but some believe they should have done more. They pull up an almost impossible task.