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Although people love the freedom that comes with transitioning from childhood, three-quarters (64%) of Americans say that if it were possible to time travel, they would love to go back to their childhoods. 

American parents say they miss their childhood 

According to a recent survey of 2,000 American parents who were asked to reflect on their childhoods, most say they miss being stress-free (57%) and not having any responsibilities (67%). Interestingly around 53% say they miss their childhood friends, celebrating holidays (52%), and having family gatherings (52%). 

What these parents relish about their childhood is watching their favourite TV shows and childhood movies (65%), celebrating holidays (51%), and hearing certain sounds like the jingles of an ice cream truck. 

OnePoll and Mini Brands Disney conducted the survey and established that 75% of parents usually reminisce about their younger years and 90% always share stories about their childhood experiences with their children. In addition, approximately 76% of parents see their children as mini versions, but 93% credit their children for making them better individuals. 

Also, around 67% admit that their children’s childhood is better than theirs. This is attributed to their children accessing better opportunities, accessing technology and getting more affection than they did as children.

However, things were not that bad in the days as 83% of the parents claim they are glad to have grown in their time. Additionally, 81% feel that growing up now is much harder than when they were kids. 

Parents buy their children toys they resonate with

Mini Disney Brands marketing manager says Robbies Mercer says there is a trend for nostalgia for toys which is more important than before. Mercer says that parents choose toys for their children that they resonate with and reminisce about playing with when they were young or look for something they can enjoy with their kids.

Regarding holidays, the winter holidays are what most parents (70%) feel nostalgic about. Holiday moments are the favourite moments for most parents as they watch their children play with toys (60%), watch movies together (50%) and sleep in (42%).