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Pet food manufacturers are flourishing by the day’; thanks to the fact that pet owners are also buying food for their dogs every day. However, a majority of them are ignorant about the fact that each dog is unique. Hence, they are not aware that they could be feeding their dogs on harmful ingredients.

This article highlights some of the common dog food in the market likely to cause health problems to every dog: –


Just like human beings, dogs also get allergies from certain foods and grains are among them. Unfortunately, many pet food manufacturers are using grains to add the weight of dog food oblivious of the harm they will cause. Nonetheless, whether or not your dog has allergies, don’t feed them on grains.


This is commonly used as a filler and with very little nutrients of vitamins and minerals but they not enough to boost energy. Additionally, the glycemic index is very high and can easily result in blood sugar spikes. It also harms the dog’s canines and this makes it more unsafe.

Preservatives and dyes

Food dyes make the food presentable hence pet owners are easily tricked into buying it. While BHA is the most common preservative, it is also very dangerous because it causes kidney disease. Other dyes cause cancer in dogs. Thus every pet owner is strongly recommended to check out the list of food ingredients before buying.

4-D Meat Products

Pet owners have been made to believe that 4-D meat is safe and high-quality. However, this is not the case according to the FDA. More often, 4-D meat comprises decaying and weak animals. Its use has been outlawed but some pet food manufacturers still push it through in the pet food.

The consequences of consuming 4-D meat include impaired cognitive functionality and chronic diseases.

Meanwhile, choosing good food for the dog requires an understanding of the labels on different brands. It is also strongly recommended to look out for food certified by the Association of Animal Feed Control. You can also seek the help of a vet in identifying the right food for your dog. Also, find out the latest news concerning dog food for example recalls.