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In what ways is American marijuana law confusing? Enough that according to a recent survey, 1 in 10 Americans are unsure of their local laws regarding marijuana.

Marijuana is legal in only 19 states in the US.

OnePoll recently polled 1,000 people, and 11% admitted they had no idea if cannabis and other THC substances were allowed to be consumed in their native state. However, around 54% of respondents indicate they reside in a place where cannabis is legal, along with the 13% who claim it is only “somewhat” legal where they live.

Only 19 states, including Colorado, which initially legalized cannabis in 2012, allow its use for recreational purposes, despite the fact that 39 states allow its use for therapeutic purposes. The House of Representatives passed a nationwide legalization measure in April 2022, but the Senate hasn’t yet reviewed it and doesn’t have any intentions to do so soon.

However, 67% of respondents think that the government legalization of cannabis in the US is a good idea.

The same number of participants (67%) also said they were familiar with April 20, popularly known as “4/20” – a decriminalization advocate’s action day  and an informal “holiday for stoners.”

Some people are unfamiliar with “4/20.”

According to one respondent, “this means 4 over 20 or 4 divided by 20.” Another respondent said, “I haven’t got a fifth of an idea.”

Others are aware of the date’s association with marijuana, but many are unaware of its counterculture beginnings as a daily smoking ritual practiced by a number of Californians in the 1970s at 4:20 p.m. Finally, one perplexed respondent clarifies that it has something to do with marijuana, and now that it’s legal, I suppose they want a holiday. 

While smoking cannabis is generally a part of Weed Day festivities, other common non-smoking activity includes indulging in munchies, watching a marathon of TV shows or films, or even relaxing on the couch.

One in four participants (27%) said something pleasant and easy to understand like the “Great British Baking Show” when questioned what they’d theoretically want to see on such an occasion.