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There is a spring of hope for Americans after the announcement that the government will release the coronavirus stimulus package. Steve Mnuchin who happens to be the US Treasury Secretary is the one that announced the matter on Wednesday. The official outlined Americans were set to obtain direct deposits soon to cushion them from the effects of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has frustrated the world economy and uncertainty has taken over. The education sector has been hit hard with learners forced to stay home in a bid to combat the spread of the virus. Many parents are worried and they have been seeking to know when everything will be over to go back to their normal business. Most of them would love to see their children go back to school, but no one can guarantee that because no one can tell when the virus will finally be terminated.

Many lives have been lost already and the trend is becoming worrying as time progresses, something that has plunged many Americans in a state of frustration. They have been making demands wanting the government to listen to their cry and offer them financial assistance relief.

Lawmakers have been constantly on the neck of the federal government in a quest to establish answers on the government’s take about the distribution of the cash payments. Reports indicate that the cash payments were to total up to a one-time $1200 funding. It was in the previous month that congress passed a $2 trillion aid package and the hopes of the American citizens were restored.

It was in the course of a conference call with the White House coronavirus task force and the House Democrats that Mnuchin’s statement was outlined. It is said that about 60 million Americans had already surrendered their direct deposit particulars to the I.R.S.It is projected that by next week the group will have received the funds.

There is a group that hasn’t yet surrendered its direct deposit information. The official says that this group won’t be receiving the check this time around. However, they might end up receiving their share as late as August according to the official.