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Several couples are at an impasse caused by snoring by one or both relationship members. Specialists estimate that 10 to 30 percent of people. Thus, an article published by the Times revealed that snoring does not have a cure.

However, the article reiterated that people affected can manage it by altering their lifestyle and daily routines. Many people find snoring irritating and a source of embarrassment, thus reducing the quality of sleep of those around. A recent study conducted by Science Time identifies means i321’n which an individual can manage their snoring.

Ways in which an individual can manage their snoring habits

The study revealed how individuals could manage their snoring, including the art of losing weight. A few studies revealed that losing weight can reduce snoring in a person as it is more common in individuals suffering from obesity disorder. The study advises that losing weight in a high BMI reduces the level of snoring.

Other studies revealed that the nightcap habit also disrupts an individual’s amount of sleep: the studies highlighted that the norm starts with an innocent intention, such as means to unwind after a tedious day. However, the study authors cautioned that alcohol consumption disrupts your nervous system and leads to excessive relaxation of an individual’s muscles.

The relaxation of muscles includes organs such as an individual’s throat, which narrow the airway making the person snore. Other means that the study indicates include using nasal strips that enlarge a person’s nostrils and allows the flow of air freely.

How the specialists define snoring and the impacts it has on others around

The sleeping foundation recently published a report defining snoring as the sound produced by air flowing via a constricted airway. Other studies revealed the sound produced by vibrating soft tissues in the airways that run from the voice box to the throat.

The study reiterated that only the muscle causes this and not other organs such as bones, cartilage, and others. Affected people can decrease the level of snoring through natural or artificial remedies. However, it is advisable to seek medical assistance before doing so.