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After facing a downfall, the shares of Asia markets made a positive move on the board this morning. This came into effect after the U.S. starts the trade negotiations with China.

The share of Japan, Nikkie 225 went up in 0.94 percent, which resulted from the increase in the machinery orders by about 11 percent while the investors are still in worries regarding the export outlook of this country as said by the head economist of Japan, Izumi Devalier.

He also added that the increase has resulted from the domestic markets and not from the overseas and especially the demand got badly affected from China. It is not yet clear whether it resulted from the ongoing trade war between China and the United States.

In China, the markets too rose in some percentage as the composite index of Hang Seng gained its earlier losses and reached up in 1.46 percent while the Shanghai was also traded up in 0.14 percent. The Shenzhen was going positive on the board but shed 0.388 percent in the last.

The upheaval in the share markets resulted after the U.S. proposed the idea to have a new session of trade talks with China in the future. The U.S. officials have already sent an invitation regarding this to China.

After this news, the average of Dow Jones Industrial gained some percents while the index for Nasdaq went down. The index of the U.S. dollar was firm at 94.792 after shedding in the earlier session.

The yen was lower against the dollar at 111.40 yen while the Australian dollar traded at $0.7192 in the morning.

The markets got strong due to the initiation took up by the U.S. regarding the trade talks with China. The U.S. had sent an invitation to China regarding the same.