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On Thursday, the US President, Donald Trump gave a warning that markets would suffer if he is going to be impeached. He openly announced that “everyone would be poor” if legal actions will be taken against him.

These statements came out as the result of the conviction of his two former aides, one of them accompanied him in violation regarding the payment of a sex worker.

Trump has admitted his paying off the porn worker who has claimed to have sexual intercourse with him. He has made the final statement that the payment for the same has come out of his personal account. In addition, Michael Cohen, his former lawyer also has clarified this fact. The lawyer told the court that he made the payment to silence that woman from the Trump’s organization.

While the legal proceedings are still going on, this is making Trump restless these days. On one of the latest tweet, Trump has tweeted “NO COLLUSION – RIGGED WITCH HUNT!” at late midnight.

Even after several claims or statements coming from his side and his aides, the legal setbacks are not calmed yet. Now, he had an interview early morning with his reliable channel, Fox News to bring out his part of the story. He had also put forth the disastrous outcomes that are going to come out for the economy if there will be any move taken to impeach him.

He claimed that if the decision will be against him, then the economy is going to suffer and results in the market crash. He bragged about that the fact that the economy is where it is today is just because of him and this would not be the same if Hillary or the Democrats would have been in power.

The final decision has to be made yet. The Democrats are cautious to make any move against his impeachment. Americans are confused about whether it is possible to take him down or not. Thus, the situation is quite calling actions for the same.