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In January 2019, the National Vital Statistics Reports published a report about the total fertility rates (TFR) in the United States based on research conducted in 2017. The findings indicate that the U.S had a lower TFR at 1,765.5 than the healthy level of 2,100.0 which is considered to be the ideal TFR for a population to replenish itself.

The above findings have to with the fact that more women nowadays do not have maternal instincts and so they choose not to have children as published in a piece by Vogue. Even more surprising is that more American women are choosing not to give birth and instead go for adoption. For some, it might be due to reasons such as infertility but the vast majority of them decide to become parents without pregnancy mainly because it makes more sense financially.

Giving birth is more expensive than adoption

Just to put it to perspective, a normal vaginal birth in the U.S will set you back roughly $30,000 and if you choose or have to go through cesarean section, you will likely have to part with about $50,000. These costs will end up being more if you factor in other costs such as prenatal classes, routine medical checkups, ultrasounds, blood tests and other costs that may be involved. The cost is even higher for couples who cannot have children and have to go through methods such as Vitro fertilization (IVF).

Overall the cost of childbirth even for a normal delivery may even go past $50,000. Giving birth is additionally becoming unattractive to many women in the U.S because of the health risks that may be involved. There is also the inconvenience that comes with bearing a child for 9 months. Many career women feel that juggling pregnancy with work seems like an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, the average cost of adopting a child is $43,000 according to American Adoptions, which means that it is also relatively expensive. However, the cumulative costs are lower than childbirth and also less inconveniencing health-wise, not forgetting that there is no childbirth pain involved in adoption. One can adopt and still manage their time easily between work and raising their adopted child. Although many women still prefer to give birth to their own children, we cannot ignore the fact that more couples are embracing the idea of adoption over childbirth.