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On Monday, stocks fell down as investors remained watchful after global losses in the last week.

In China, Hang Seng index of Hong Kong traded down by 1.01 percent and the Shanghai composite fell by 0.79 percent. However, the Shenzhen composite declined by 0.29 percent after recovering its earlier gains.

Most of the sectors traded lower in Japan including the Nikkei 225 slipped 1.43 percent and even, the Topix index fell by 1.14 percent. In South Korea, Kospi lost 0.52 percent along with major industry, Samsung Electronics, which lost 0.8 percent.

Meanwhile, the ASX 200 of Australia declined by 1.12 percent as others keep on trading down.  The financial subindex was also lower by 1.74 percent due to losses in major banking shares. ANZ declined by 1.93 percent, Commonwealth Bank slipped by 2.16 percent, National Australia Bank lowered by 1.7 percent, and Westpac slid by 1.78 percent.

In oil markets, Brent Crude futures showed advancement by 1.26 percent and reached $81.44 percent each barrel and the U.S. crude futures gained 1.09 percent and arrived at $72.12 each barrel.

In the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 both traded down by 4 percent. On the other hand, the Nasdaq Composite showed a weekly loss of 3.7 percent.

The U.S. dollar index, which marks the greenback against major currencies traded lower to 95.350 after sliding from its high of 96.0 of the previous week. The Japanese yen against the dollar traded at 112.06 after strengthening above levels of 113.08 whereas, the Australian dollar was at $0.7104 after witnessing gains from 0.705 of the previous week.

So, all major stocks traded down on Monday as investors remained watchful due to global losses in the earlier session. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 both lowered by more than 4 percent on Wall Street.