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Major stocks were down on Friday as shares of the technology sector were under strain once again with a steep low in prices of oil. These two factors weighed heavily on equities posting the worst Thanksgiving week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average pulled back 178.74 points and closed at 24,285.95, whereas the S&P 500 arrived at 2,632.56 after shedding 0.65 percent. Also, the Nasdaq Composite dropped 0.5 percent before closing at 6,938.98. The S&P 500 and the Dow posted their nastiest Black Friday show since 2010 while the Nasdaq had its most awful Black Friday recital since 2011.

The major indexes were all down by more than 3 percent for the last week. All indexes experienced their biggest low for a Thanksgiving week ever since 2011. Meanwhile, shares of technology like Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Netflix all dropped down on Friday. These stocks fell 5.7 percent down through the Wednesday’s close.

Shares of Apple have declined more than 25 perfect after smacking their all-time high previously this year. Now, shares of Apple have dipped 2.5 percent as the company planned on to reduce the price of their latest iPhone model, iPhone XR, in Japan because it is not selling fine there.

On Friday, stocks were under strain due to a rise in oil prices. West Texas Intermediate futures dropped more than 6 percent to arrive at $51.03 each barrel, experiencing their lowest of the year. A major market economist, Peter Cardillo of Spartan Capital Securities remarked that technology shares are under strain but more disturbing is that prices of oil are collapsing. He also added that lower prices of oil are not good for the economic growth of the country.

However, retailers jumped the negative trend as the S&P XRT climbed 0.3 percent on Black Friday. Lands’ End shares rose 5 percent while Etsy increased 2.8 percent.