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You may be wondering whether education in liberal arts is a good investment, but a study has shown that it is remarkably practical.

Liberal education is worth

According to a study by Georgetown University’s Centre on Education and Workforce, a career in liberal arts education is very practical. It can provide a median return on an investment after 40 years since enrolment that is close to $1 million. These results that are searchable and sortable by the institution were released on January 14, 2020.

However, this might appear to be counterintuitive more so for parents cringing at poetry seminars and tuition expenses. According to Erika Hagberg, Google’s global sales director, it takes time to prepare, and she learned that from the small classes she took at Washington and Lee. She took business classes, music theory, journalism, history, economics, calculus, and art history. All these prepared her for the tough questions and readiness for multiple perspectives as well as explaining ideas effectively.

Hagberg indicated that liberal arts taught her to be nimble and speak freely. Considering the pace of digital space is incredible, she says one has to be comfortable with the chaos.

Over the years, there has been skepticism regarding the value of liberal arts education. This is a feeling that mostly spikes during economic downturns, and as a result, most parents and students seek training in a particular career. In recent times several liberal arts colleges have shut down as a result or contemplated closing.

Returns for liberal education take time

The study by Georgetown University established that returns on investment in liberal arts education are not instant. For instance, at ten years, it might be around $62,000, but over decades it can be solid. Researchers found that the median 40-year return of $918,000 for liberal education was almost 25% higher compared to the median for all colleges.

Anthony Carnevale, the education and workforce center director at Georgetown, indicates that preparation over time involves education in the field associated with a career. This includes the addition of general education that makes one be flexible and draw and on massive knowledge.