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The COVID-19 pandemic which first broke out in China has brought a lot of things to a standstill, with one of the hardest hit being the education sector. Most of the people around the globe are struggling financially with some countries stepping in to help citizens with food. Lockdowns are being executed in many countries in efforts to combat the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. It s inevitable that people make adjustments in the way people go about different matters. The College Board officials in the US wishes that the situation changes so that learners go back to school. However, it promises to step up by innovating and delivering despite the s current difficult times.

The Coronavirus-related school closures hit the education sector and the spring testing for about 1 million first-time SAT test-takers was brought to a sudden halt. It was a time when large numbers of the high school juniors were anticipating their entry and suddenly the College Board officials announced the unprecedented cancelation.

David Coleman who happens to be the College Board Chief Executive said that he hoped the schools reopened. However, uncertainty creeps and that they wouldn’t afford to fold their hards as a department without doing anything at all.

Most colleges require that the learners take the SAT or ACT exam and based on their performance they determine those that have to be admitted. However, matters seem to be changing as time progresses and that is considering that some institutions are going against what has always been regarded as a norm. They are gradually making these tests optional to the learners, something that continues to receive different views among learners and citizens.

California’s public universities and some other institutions thin that this is a time to step in and offer assistance. It is for that reason that they have decided to respond by making the tests optional for the various 2021 applicants.

The College Board has given out a statement outlining that it is preparing to resume and part of its plans will be to expand the in-person SAT testing. That is expected to start in August. The College Board promises to help schools and learners gain access to the internet and secure devices to facilitate the process. There will be no proctors’ supervision or the paper-and-pencil tests learners have been used to over the years. The test will be taken at home in fall as a security measure against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.