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Many Americans have embraced LASIK eye surgery in their pursuit for perfect vision especially for those with conditions such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness.

The number of people that go through LASIK surgery every year as a permanent solution for their eyesight problems is in the hundreds of thousands. This means that many people trust this as the best solution for their eyes and are willing to go through it rather than wearing glasses or contacts.

What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is an advanced eye procedure that relies heavily on precise technology, particularly computer-guided lasers to achieve a high level of accuracy. Vision problems are mainly caused by microscopic pieces of tissue floating around in the eye. These tissues can be removed by focusing lasers for very short durations of time, usually less than a second.

Why it is the best option for those with eyesight problems

The precise nature of LASIK surgery makes it highly effective compared to other alternatives such as glasses or contacts. This means that patients who go through this type of surgery will no longer need to wear contacts or glasses. It has become more affordable over time as technology continues to advance. One can now get this LASIK surgery for less than $5,000.

The procedure is also relatively fast considering that treatment for one takes roughly five minutes. This means that the entire process can be completed in less than half an hour. The surgery does not even require anesthesia or induced sleep.

Recovery is also quick and may take just a few days which means that one can resume their daily activities such as work within a short duration of time. It is advised to avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous work for about a week to facilitate healing.

The highly precise nature of the surgery also means that the risks are significantly reduced, allowing LASIK surgery to be preferred by many. The side effects are also very minor. They may include sensitivity to light, starbursts, glare, and dryness. There may also be some discomfort but these side effects should clear within a few days.

So far, LASIK surgery’s satisfaction rate is about 96%. This is higher than the satisfaction rate of any other alternative eyesight treatment out there.