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The University Of California (UC) – Berkeley is in the process of hiring, and for the first time, it has put in diversity screening as one of the requirements. The job applicants must provide diversity statements, which outline their pledge and inclusion in academia. The statements also define the applicant’s plans and intentions of nurturing and promoting a diverse community within the campus.

How reasonable is the requirement for a diversity statement?

It is not the first time that diversity statements are being used. Different campuses in California have used them previously for different activities, including promotion. From a broader perspective, it would end up bringing together diverse backgrounds and beliefs alike. It is also worth noting that the University Of California has an imperative status of different cultures.

However, the diversity statement inclusion act may not work for every campus. Some institutions are taking a different route; canceling culture meaning intellectual diversity is not a priority to many. Berkeley is no exception because of multiculturalism.

The University is using the rubric in its screening can process, and any applicant who does not showcase the inclusion of diversity is being declared inappropriate. Scoring well and becoming a potential candidate means being party to a particular political philosophy. This includes treating people as representatives within ethnic identities.

And who is the likely candidate for the job?

Among the many candidates who provided diversity statements is Stephen Bainbridge. The distinguished law professor teaches Advanced Corporation Law among other units in Los Angeles at the UCLA School of Law.  

In his statement, Bainbridge was very particular in sharing relevant standpoints, which would help in forming a diverse community at the University. His will be a test case worth watching, and if the University will still hold onto intellectual diversity.

Nonetheless, it remains unclear whether or not Albert Einstein and Enrico Fermi are possible candidates for the job. They are both great scholars with incredible academic standards. However, if they did not present their diversity statements, their chances of being possible candidates are slim. This is because the University is giving preference to diversity inclusion before academic qualifications.