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Italy’s prime minister is at the verge of stepping down from his official roles. Giuseppe Conte declared his intention of resignation while addressing the Italian Senate. Among the many reasons for the intended move he said was the pressure by the country’s deputy prime minister — Matteo Salvini. The PM stated that it was not right for Salvini to declare the populist coalition government unworkable. This had resulted in a vote of no-confidence in Conte.

The no-confidence vote against the coalition was a surprise for Conte. According to him, he had been working with a productive government. However, he accused Salvini’s push of fresh elections citing that he was only interested in advancing his interests.

It is irresponsible to ask citizens to vote every year

Conte, a lawyer by profession and with no political experience, feels that Salvini is putting the national interest at risk. He added that the leader of the far-right League party did not have statesmanship’s capability. The lack would likely result in institutional and financial uncertainties, including a possible VAT increase. It is also possible that the budget would not be passed on time.

The country held its elections in March 2018. Going into new elections amidst the current political crisis would mean taking the citizens to the ballot 18 months after the last elections. Conte indicated that this portrayed an irresponsible government. Besides, it would mean having a provisional government, which would likely water down the existing relationship between Italy and its European Union partners.

Salvini disregards Conte’s judgments

Salvini, who was next to Conte, was quick to reiterate. Responding to law professor, he said, “I would do what I did all over again. I am a free man. I am not afraid of the judgment of Italians.” He went ahead to give an acknowledgment of the fact that the country had the mandate of protecting its borders and beaches.

As the coalition continues to disagree on key policies, the country’s president Sergio Mattarella will have an uphill task of putting together the country’s future. If there will be no parties willing to form a majority, he may have to call for a fresh election.