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For many years, the United States has remained the most preferred location for a majority of students thirsting for higher education. Records have it that the U.S has some of the world’s top universities, which offer higher-education programs conducted by high accredited tutors. It is very easy to distinguish from a group of peers those who have attained their degrees from these institutions. 

But there is impending doubt in the future of the U.S higher education 

The learning institutions in the United States offer the international population advanced capabilities in their career experiences. The good news is that those who cannot afford to have the opportunity to take online programs from various universities. 

However, from an astonishing recent survey, the U.S higher education seems to be degrading in its value. The survey was carried out on 1,000 students from the 10th – 12th grades, and the foreign universities were ranked higher than a majority of the U.S institutions. Despite the enrollment of more than 1 million international population, only 7% of those interviewed expressed their confidence in the U.S colleges and universities.

The cost of U.S higher education remains a global issue. It is a turn – off for many households and is not clear yet what measures the government is implementing to help the situation. This is despite a show and a voice of desperation from parents who have the desire to have their children enrolled in highly-ranking institutions. 

What is the overall market for students studying abroad?

The life in the U.S universities is on another level, not to mention the facilities and the multicultural environment. You would hardly feel a stranger even if you are a newcomer, thanks to the vibrant community and neighborhoods. Besides, the universities also support diversity and cultural activities.

However, as the country encounters dwindling numbers in student enrollment, Canada and Australia have kept their numbers high. The trend seems to be in the long term as the two countries cement their commitment to expanding into the global market. Additionally, many parents are also looking for other alternatives to helping their children take on their career pathways without spending too much.