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There have been arguments regarding getting rid of Algebra II and concentrate on Algebra I. There is divided opinion from proponents and those against, but that is an indication of growing consensus.

Replace Algebra II with Statistics

According to mathematics professor at the University of Virginia Robert Q Berry III, Algebra II and similar courses should be moved from “unnecessary manipulation of math” to conceptual understanding. Interestingly this is a view that several people, including education experts, share.

Joshua P. Starr, a former superintendent at one of the best school districts in Montgomery County, gave a deep critique of Algebra II. He indicated that when he asked Maryland officials why the course was still necessary, he was informed that legislators embracing it believe that it teaches abstract thinking skills necessary to the economy. However, there is debate about whether that is actually true.

This kind of uncertainty is supported by personal experiences that point to the need to retire Algebra II. In its place, there should be a course that teaches data and statistics, which is important to most jobs in various fields nowadays.

Algebra can be difficult for some students as Claire Cassidy, who has a career in medical anthology and medicine and human biology recounts. She says she had difficulties with math, and teachers who allowed her to pass despite putting in bad work saved her from the torture of courses such as Algebra II. She adds that when she took statistics, she could apply it in real-life situations like problem-solving in her research.

Abandoning Algebra II will be a bad idea

Proponents of Algebra II indicate that abandoning it will be a bad idea. Bill Horkan, a math teacher in Fairfax count, says that Algebra I that is receiving support only lays the foundation, and it is in Algebra II where the knowledge is applicable to solve problems. Some indicated that if one is going to college, they need algebra II because science needs it, and one cannot grasp statistics without mastering Algebra II.