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Iran President Hassan Rouhani has warned European nations that their soldiers in the middle east could also be in danger. This comes after three European nations accused the country about breaking of the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran warns European nations if they impose sanctions

The Iranian leader indicated that currently, it’s only US soldiers who are in danger, but that could change should European nations impose sanctions on Iran. The Iranian leaders indicated that for days Iranians were lied to regarding the accidental shootdown of the Ukrainian airplane.

His remarks come just a day after Britain, German, and France accused that the country had violated the 2015 nuclear deal that limited its nuclear program. This was the first step towards imposing economic sanctions and this isolated Iran. European nations who are signatories have been trying to salvage what is left of the deal after the US pulled out of the deal two years ago.

European nations indicate that Iran breached the restrictions of the deal on enriching Uranium, notwithstanding the protests from Europe. The nations have retaliated that they would have wished to remain in the deal.

Iran ready to cease uranium enriching if the US lifts sanctions

However, the Iranian president has pushed back and said that the nations have sided with the US and that they are pushing its agenda. Rouhani indicated that they will suffer if they take a wrong move. He, however, left room for negotiations and indicated that should the US soften the sanctions the country might consider ceasing enriching uranium to set standards in the agreement.

Interestingly the US doesn’t seem ready to go back on the sanctions. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday that the US will continue with the economic sanctions against Iran.

The UN had recently started negotiations on the deal with Iran before the US strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi indicated that the European nations should be ready for consequences should they impose economic sanctions on Iran.