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Apple receives backlash from Wall Street after performing the stunt of reaching $1 trillion on Thursday and creating history. It is reportedly the first company, trading publicly, that has been able to attain such heights. Investors worry about history repeating itself as in the case of the dot-com technology bubble which underwent a significant drop later.

Though shares rose to a whopping 8.5 percent in the last three days, experts have predicted a low rise of only 1.8 percent in the coming months. This seems to be a distant cry from the company’s rise to 31 percent in the previous year. Also, this doesn’t gain much honor when compared to some of the nation’s largest companies.

However, as mentioned by Aswath Damodaran, the “dean of valuation” of Wall Street, Apple’s growth is reasonable and not crazy as opined by many. It might be necessary to maintain a low-key status in the coming few months, but talking about long-term, Apple’s valuations are nowhere near extreme and focus on improving their quality and technology.

The rise in stock prices may have resulted from the increase of Apple’s sales by 17 percent every year and its earnings by 40 percent with every passing year. Another vital reason might be Apple’s stock buyback program which makes more people invest more in Apple’s shares. Buybacks decrease the pending shares thereby resulting in higher returns per share. In addition, enjoying to Apple’s impressive stature as against other companies in the market, investors also get benefits of more returns are shareholders of Apple. Sources say that Apple’s shareholders gained high profits this year with $25 billion per quarter as opposed to a mere $11 billion per quarter, last year.

Warding off the accusations of the Wall Street analysts, Michael Walkley said that the company needs to expand the earnings for the stock price, which is $220 per share to move higher.