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HP has released a teaser video showcasing the Reverb virtual reality headset they are developing in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft. The next-gen VR headset for PCs looks similar to a modified HP Reverb.

HP to release new generation headset

According to the announcement and the design shown in the video its seems like this new headset will be known as the HP Reverb G2. Although there is little information available about this new generation headset, information on HP’s website describes the headset as comfortable with a more immersive and compatible experience compared to the Reverb.

It appears like Microsoft, Valve, and HP want to produce a product that will support Windows Mixed Reality as well as SteamVR like the current HP Reverb headsets. Interestingly this next-generation headset has two front cameras, but it is unclear whether they will have more cameras supporting inside out tracking. According to the announcement, the Reverb will offer enhanced experience, but there are no real specifics on the same.

Release date of HP Reverb G2 might delay because of COVID-19

The $599 Reverb is part of the Windows Mixed Reality lineup that is popular for its high-resolution screen. According to HP, the new standard in VR indicates that it can’t compete with the devices such as the $399 Oculus Rift S. However it will not cost the same amount as Valve’s $999 index. Unfortunately, they have mot provided a release date, and therefore it is unclear whether it will mitigate the headset shortage currently being experienced. There might be a delay in production because of the current COVID-19 pandemic that has slowed the production of Oculus and Valve products.

Currently, Valve’s SteamVR platform supports Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets, including other products from HTC and Oculus. However, the Windows Mixed Reality has mediocre controllers and a suitable tracking system, but the Valve Index has the best controllers in virtual reality and an inconvenient tracking system. Interestingly the current Valve controllers do not work with HP’s tracking system, but their distinctive components employ internal sensors instead of SteamVR beacons.