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Imagine if you suffered a medical condition that left you unable to talk or make a decision about your medical options. Who will make decisions for you, and will it be the right decision for you and your family? These types of situations are quite common, and that is why it is important to consider having a contingency for such.

Enter advanced directives. This term refers to a situation that can best be described as having a living will or where you hand the decision of your medical treatment to someone else through power of attorney. Using advance directives such as a living will is a great way of letting your doctors and family know what type of medal care option you prefer.

A living will is important, especially in case you find yourself in a medical situation where you cannot make decisions such as a coma or paralysis. A person you grant power of attorney over your treatment options should be aware of your medical preferences and, therefore, help you get the type of treatment you prefer if you find yourself in a situation where you need such help.

You must understand the medical options that will likely be available and implications if you are suffering from a specific medical condition that might require more medical care. Understanding the types of treatment will allow you to determine which one you would prefer.

Also, when selecting your advocate, consider selecting someone that will likely make decisions that will be in your best interest. This does not necessarily mean that it should be your spouse. Sometimes your loved ones might not make your preferred choice out of the love they have for you. For example, a situation where a patient is considering euthanasia might yield different opinions from your family.

Make your preferences legally valid by having them notarized or include a witness. Also, have a copy of those documents at your home so that you increase the chances of your wishes being executed. Also, make sure you include your explanation for your decision in the paperwork to avoid causing discord in your family.