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During the Winter season, the country recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Thus Americans found the need to maintain a healthy immune system. With the winter season nearing again, several Americans worry about various illnesses, including the COVID-19.

Fortunately, there are several ways to protect yourself from illnesses during the winter. This includes simple flu or COVID-19 infection. Moreover, many businesses sell products that they claim will boost your immunity. While this could be a good thing, many Americans wonder if they are true.

Getting a vaccine reduces the chance of COVID-19 infection

Dr. Michael Starnbach, a microbiology professor at Harvard University, stated that getting vaccinated increases the time one’s immune system responds to unknown elements. Starnbach added that viral infections spread faster in the body as the immune system takes time to know what type of virus it is. However, vaccines supplement the system with knowledge of the virus before it enters the body; hence your immune system could elicit a faster and more robust response.

The second method includes wearing a mask during the Winter period, thus decreasing the rate of how the virus spreads. Unfortunately, several unvaccinated individuals don’t acquire the appropriate protection that one needs to fight certain illnesses. Thus, the most appropriate method to maintain a healthy immune system is abiding by the mandates issued on wearing a mask.

A healthy lifestyle could protect you from getting sick

Another method that an individual can use includes performing certain activities that impact her health positively. An individual can attain this via good diets and regular exercising. In addition, the immune system of a healthy person performs at its best when they have a healthy routine. This includes getting sufficient good quality sleep and avoiding screen time before bed.

While there are various ways that a person can maintain being healthy during the winter, many overlook their mental health. Mental and physical health are often connected; thus, one should try to reduce stress.

Other ways to maintain mental health are practicing self-care, meditating, and socializing. This could go a long way in improving your physical health and, in turn, your immunity.