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Early in the pandemic, several reports highlighted a connection between Tinnitus with COVID-19. Though the authors did not produce adequate data to hold up the allegations, a few physicians revealed that only a few patients experienced it. 

Tinnitus is a disorder characterized as having a persistent ring in the ears, hence leading to various disturbances to the affected individuals. The disorder primarily affects the auditory mechanisms. However, some applications and tools help subsidize the ringing sound. The tools also assist in providing comfort to those affected by the disorder, thus treating it. 

How the development of apps and tools help treat tinnitus disorder 

Some of the patients affected with the disorder do not need medical treatment. However, a few cases reveal that the ringing could persist for a few days, thus creating the need to visit a physician. The Journal of Clinical Neurology published a review highlighting methods that one can utilize to manage the signs. 

The report stated that though the disorder presented no cure, some management methods can assist the patient. The management methods include being in an environment with the right amount of noise. Another study supported the theory by stating that music applications such as Spotify give the patient a beautiful feeling yet manage the ring. 

Other applications that assist a patient manage the disorder include the Resound Relief application. The application enables patients to develop soundscapes by adding sounds to treat the ears and manage the ring. However, patients with the disorder should consult about adequate sound therapy before using it. 

The wrong choice of sound therapy can increase the ringing in the patient’s ear; thus, one should consult a physician. Some gadgets can assist in managing the disorder, including pillows developed with audio, among others. However, medical physicians advise patients to consult before using the devices because the gadgets might not impact everyone. 

Factors that increase the occurrence of Tinnitus in people

A previous study revealed that anyone could get the disorder. However, there are a few factors that increase the risk. Some factors include sex, specific health issues, and aging illnesses. Men and older adults are more likely to get the disorder.