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Skin problems are common for both men and women. Two of the most common skin problems for men are athlete’s foot and dry skin.

Products you can use on dry skin

Signs of dry skin see itching and scaly patches. There are many causes for this, including damage from the sun, which causes the skin to be thin, thus retaining less moisture. You can also get dry skin as you age because your skin produces fewer oils to lubricate itself.

There are many ways to keep your skin moisturized and prevent drying. You could try using moisturizers to keep your skin soft with fats and water. Moisturizer works in different ways. While some coat your skin and prevent moisture loss, others attract water and seal it into your skin.

Petroleum jelly is an example of a moisturizer that seals your skin with a greasy impermeable layer, preventing water escape. Fortunately, it does not clog your pores, as this could lead to acne. You can use petroleum jelly alone or as an ingredient in other lotions and moisturizers. Since it does not attract water, it is best to use it after a bath while your skin is still damp.

Mineral oil is another option. It works the same way as petroleum jelly. However, it does not come with the same greasy feel.

Moisturizing lotions and creams have both oils and water. The best of them contains one or more ingredients like alpha hydroxy-acids, lactate salts, lactic acid, sorbitol, pyroglutamic acid, urea, and glycerine.

How to treat Athlete’s foot

Dermatophytes, fungi on the skin surface, are responsible for the athlete’s foot. Signs of the disease are peeling, skin, blisters, cracks, and itching between the toes. It can also cause scaling and redness on the soles. Wet and moist environments accelerate the growth of these fungi. These include locker rooms, showers, pools, or sweaty socks.

If you have athlete’s foot, try using cream, powders, or ointments of miconazole, terbinafine, or clotrimazole. The infection could take time to help. Moreover, reinfection is common. In addition, take measures to prevent reinfections, such as drying your feet and wearing clean, dry socks.