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Finding good toothpaste and a toothbrush is essential for your oral health and general well-being. To help you with the task, dentists give a few recommendations.

The best toothpaste to use 

The best toothpaste to use is one with fluoride. Fluoride in your toothpaste will help you prevent cavities while making your teeth look clean. In case you have sensitive teeth, there are kinds of fluoride toothpaste meant for you. An example is Sensodyne. The toothpaste might take some time to work, so your teeth might still feel sensitive after using it the first few times. If nothing changes, try another toothpaste or see your dentist for another solution.

If you’re not sure your toothpaste has fluoride, you can always check the ingredients. In the US, you can look for the American Dental Association seal. This seal lets you know that the toothpaste has fluoride, is proven by scientists to be safe and effective and has no substances that cause tooth decay.

The best toothbrush to use

You can use either an electric or manual toothbrush. While an electric toothbrush is usually more efficient, a manual one works just as well if your technique is good. 

As for the bristles, try using a toothbrush with softer bristles. Those with stiff bristles are abrasive and can damage your enamel. The arrangement of the bristles is not as important.

You should brush your teeth two times a day for at least two minutes each time. Most people tend to brush their teeth for 30 seconds which is not efficient. If the change seems difficult to make, try investing in an electric toothbrush with a timer. Some models shut off two minutes after you’ve brushed your teeth.

If you find yourself without a toothbrush, put some toothpaste on a rag and use it to rub your teeth. This method is not as effective as using a toothbrush so try to find one as soon as possible.

Brushing alone is not adequate. For healthy teeth, you need to floss at least once a day. Try carefully flossing your teeth after two minutes of brushing.