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On Sunday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a letter warning the Trump administration consequences regarding the release of the whistleblower complaint. The administration has continued to block efforts of National intelligence Director Joseph Maguire regarding the whistleblower complaint.

Nancy Pelosi to consider impeachment if the administration fails to release compliant

President Trump has declined to release the transcript of his call with the president of Ukraine or the whistleblower complaint. He has ignored demands from Senate and House leadership. The Speaker first asked for the release of the complaint on Friday and then on Sunday she issued a letter to Republicans on the same. Pelosi gave the administration until Thursday failure to release the complaint. She has hinted of impeachment if the administration doesn’t comply.

The speaker said that after Thursday, they would be entering a new chapter of lawlessness which will take the issue into a new stage of the investigation. Even Democrats who have previously been against impeachment say that they will have little choice. Pelosi, who previously was adamant on the impeachment of Trump indicated that blocking disclosure of whistleblower complaint is a violation of federal law.

The inspector general determined that the whistleblower’s complaint was credible and of immediate concern. Trump took to Twitter to question the patriotism of the whistleblower and wondered whether he was supporting the US.

More Calls for impeachment

Some Democrats feel that impeachment of Trump is long overdue. For instance, congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio Cortes, took to Twitter to indicate that the larger national scandal in the US is not the behavior of Trump but rather the refusal of the Democratic Party to impeach him.

Republican leaders have largely been quiet except for Senator Mitt Romney. Romney indicated that if Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate Biden, then that will be troubling in the extreme. He has said that the Trump administration should hand over the whistleblower complaint.

Trump may be staring at impeachment as there is growing consensus that his request to the Ukrainian counterpart is an impeachable offense.