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High school graduation in the U.S represents a significant milestone for many in the U.S, especially those that want to pursue higher education at a college. However, a recent study claims that graduating from high school does not necessarily mean one qualifies to join a public university.

According to the study, the requirements considered for highs school graduation in 46 states in the U.S do not meet the admission standards for most of the public universities in the country. The study evaluated coursework requirements in high school subjects and electives that are part of the criteria for graduating high school and joining college.

Note that the criteria for every subject might be different from one state to the other. Also, some public universities have their focus on things beyond course completion such as achieving mastery in various courses.

“Within a state, it should be clear — and it should be aligned — that if I go to a public high school system, I should be eligible for a public university system in my state,” stated Laura Jimenez, the Center for American Progress director in charge of accountability and standards.

A perspective of the differences in public university requirements in different states

California has one of the leading university systems not only in the U.S but it is also regarded highly on global standards. Entry requirements for English, math, art and foreign languages at California State schools and the University of California go far beyond just public high school completion requirements in the state.

The language requirements in high schools in 23 states are inconsistent with public university requirements in the same states. Math requirements in eight states including Indiana, Maryland, Texas, and California do not match.

Students may secure enough credits in multiple subjects in some states and still not qualify to join public universities in some states. Strict academic requirements for entry in some of the states may seem too much but they might be a critical factor in students dropping out within the first or second semester. The only way to be guaranteed of qualification at any of the colleges especially major universities in any state is to graduate with high grades.