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In the many high schools, the results from standardized tests determine whether or not the learner will proceed to college. Many federal and state governments with a justification that they are powerful tools in any education system. As if this is not enough, colleges and universities are also adopting an inclination on them and as a predictor for any success.

 However, in a new turn of events, the standardized tests may not have any value anymore. According to recent research by researchers from Chicago University, the test cannot be compared to high school GPAs. These are significantly better and high ranking than standardized tests or even ACT scores. 

The relationship between high school GPA and college graduation

According to the lead author of the research, Elaine Allensworth, the high school GPA command a higher authority than the standardized tests. She says that many people claim that the GPA has an inconsistent value, but the opposite is true. Together with Kallie Clark, her co-author, they collected data from 17,753 students.

A detailed analysis outlined that depending on the school GPA is not only consistent but also strong and easily propel a student to graduation. This is because it presents various levels of exposure, experience, and skills applicable to the success of a student after college. 

The research had an interesting finding too that GPA’s help teachers judge their students more profoundly without being subjective. On some occasions, standard tests have been characterized by cheating, whereby celebrities and college administrators have been implicated having played one role or another. Felicity Huffman has been a victim. The Oscar-nominated actress admitted having spent $15,000 in pushing for the altering of her daughter’s results for the SAT. She fined $30,000 plus 14-day imprisonment.

There is more need to prepare students for coursework than standardized tests

This was the conclusion of the survey by Allensworth and Clark. It also emphasized the need to help students overcome the overrated barriers to different types of tasks, which would make them more successful while in college. 

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether or not the policymakers and the parents will ‘buy’ the recommendations from the research.