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Each day around 11 deaths are reported because of drowning in the US. Although swimming lessons won’t prevent these deaths, they can prevent most of them. Your child doesn’t need to master swimming styles but be able to get to the surface, tread water, float and swim to safety. Here are the main things a parent should know regarding swimming lessons. 

Children can start swimming lessons from 4 years 

Children don’t have the cognitive skills to learn swimming until they are four. They should be able to listen, follow and retain instructions they have learned. This happens when they are four years. Some kids might be ready earlier and can learn skills like getting back to the side of the pool. 

Safety is vital around the swimming area

Safety is important in the pool or beach where children swim. The area needs to be clean, well maintained, and with lifeguards that are not part of giving instructions. Deep water areas should be marked. Ensures there are floatation devices that can be instrumental in keeping children safe, helping them position well, and stroke mechanics. 

Engage qualified instructors 

Ensure you engage instructors that are well trained and assessed under the guidelines of agencies like YMCA or Red Cross. The ratio of children to instructors needs to be appropriate and should be as low as possible, especially for new swimmers and young children. In such cases, the instructors should have the children within reach and be able to supervise the whole group.

Swimming lessons should follow a curriculum  

A curriculum and progression are necessary to place children as per their abilities. Swimming is a progressive exercise ranging from getting used to water to stroking. Assessment is necessary with a plan to move them ahead. 

It is vital as a parent to watch part of the training. Although it might not be helpful to be there the whole time since it can distract the child, it is crucial to be there at the start and end of the lesson. Also, as a parent, be aware that even if your child can swim, it doesn’t mean they can’t drown. So be on the lookout always.