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With people staying at home to combat the spread of coronavirus, there is an increase in remote working as well as holding of virtual parts to interact with family and friends.  Zoom has grown to the go-to place to hold these events and remote working while ensuring there is social distancing.

However, staying at home quarantined can make cleaning for that Zoom call tricky. Interestingly zoom has a background tool that you can customize to hide any backdrops that might appear messy in your working space. The background tool enables you to hide whatever is happening in the background using a still image while teleconferencing.  This nevertheless depends on whether your device can handle it. Here are some resources to use to create a virtual teleconferencing room. 


This design resource service comes in several free templates that you can employ on Zoom to personalize your virtual workspace. You have the option of choosing animated backgrounds, still images such as an astrological sign or a personalized placard with your title and name. It’s important to note that using animated backgrounds require more processing power for efficient running.


Unsplash is another free resource offering high-quality images that are popular as Zoom backgrounds. They offer numerous possibilities like you can replicate your workspace, pretend to be on the beach, or even in a coffee shop. Unsplash offers something exceptional that fits the mood.


Modys is an e-interior design service, and it offers pop culture home for your use when teleconferencing on Zoom. You can choose a background from either Seinfied living rooms or your preferred Friends attics. 

It is important to keep in mind that during this coronavirus crisis working from home will be a norm. Therefore it is just a matter of time before your teleconference gets interrupted by a child, pet, roommate, or any other thing. Therefore it is vital to use the mentioned tools to create your virtual Zoom backgrounds. With these tools, you will be able to relive the magic on all your calls without having to worry about interruptions.